Lecture – Jane Rushton, USA, theme GLASSTRESS event at the Venice Biennale

Jane Rushton works and lives in Venetia and New York.

In 2013 Jane joins the Berengo Foundation created by Adriano Berengo in Venetia. Currently she’s the director of the Foundation. She manages the special projects of the Foundation and organizes the additional exhibitions for the Venetian biennale “Glassstress” in 2013 and 2015 in cooperation with the Hermitage State Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. “Glassstress” is an official event in the Venetian art biennale in 2009 and presents modern glass art works, created in the Berengo studio furnaces at Murano. In 2016 Jane organizes a retrospective exhibition for the notable architect Zaha Hadid.

Jane works as a volunteer at the New York Art Academy. She’s also an active participant in cultural-philanthropy organizations, including Peggy Guggenheim in Venetia, Rise Design, Chipati in Marfa.

Berengo Foundation has two main goals. First, they want to revive the famous Venetian glass art at Murano, so that it can take its place as global cultural heritage, thus turning the small island in a worldwide famous center for glass industry. Second, the foundation offers education to those who have interest in glass art as a skill and craft of high importance. Main aspect of the work of the foundation is the participation in international events with series of glass art exhibitions, created at Murano by worldwide famous artists, known by the name of “Glassstress” – part of the Venetian Biennale.

The foundation also sponsors an internship program for art students in the fields of visual arts, architecture, philosophy, art, history and management.