About us

The International Glass Festival is the only festival of its kind in Bulgaria.

Launched in 2010, the festival provides the bulgarian public an opportunity to learn about this unique artistic material, rarely presented previously to Bulgarian artistic circles. The successful implementation of the first festival in 2010 and the second in 2012 gave a powerful impetus to the development of artistic glass in Bulgaria. In recent years the conceptual approach to this material has appeared as a trend. The intense mobility makes Europe a place for new technologies such as gas lighting, LED, etc., used in unconventional solutions. We are pleased to remark the presence of these tendencies in the works of the bulgarian participants as well.

The theme of the Third Glass Festival 2014 is : Art Glass, Czech Republic – Bulgaria. The aim is to show the high quality of the Czech School through the exhibition “Brilliat by design”, showing successful design solutions, historical photos, manufactures.

One of the main tasks of the festival is to assist student training. We have supported the National School “St.. Luka” for three years. We will be glad to support the newfound specialty ‘art glass’- in the Veliko Tarnovo Institute, where we will provide demonstrations by the invited american artists Chris Taylor, Stephanie Pender and the Israeli artist Boris Shpeizman.

Our goals are:

- to continue the traditions of the previous festivals

- to improve the conditions

- to provoke continued interest in the material (glass) and mobilize more people

- to promote the global tendencies through exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations.

The organizer of the International Glass Festival  2014 is AROSITA Foundation, the main financial support comes from America for Bulgaria Foundation. Our gratitude to the staff of the Foundation for its support.

We hope the International Glass Festival will continue its tradition.