Anna Boyadjieva

Prof. Anna Boyadgieva

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1982-  graduate National Academy of Fine Arts, /M.A./ Textiles, Sofia, Bulgaria        1973 – graduate Secondary School of Photography- Sofia, Bulgaria


Director of Exhibitions Projects in National Academy of Fine Arts Head of Textile Department Professor in the National Academy of Fine Arts- Sofia, Bulgaria Vice Rector –/ 2006- 2011/ Lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria


Union of Bulgarian Artists European Textile Network/ETN/ – Hanover, Germany “ARELIS” – Association for Contemporary Textile – Paris, France A.I.A.P. UNESCO- Paris, France American Biographical Institute /ABI/, Professional Women’s Advisory Board

Artist of Residence

1998/99 – Cite International des Art, Paris, France Working in the area of contemporary arts: textiles, silk screen, paper, space objects, installation, photography

Group exhibitions

Since 1982 participate in many important exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad 2012- 14th International Triennial for Contemporary Textile /curator/ – Lodz, Poland 2012- Contemporary Bulgarian Art, Gallery Shipka6 /Union of Bulgarian artist/, Sofia 2011-“Remarks of Textile”- National Gallery of Art, Sofia 2011-International Paper Art Fest –Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia 2010- “Metamorphoses of Texture”– Bulgarian and Chinese Textile Art- Sofia City Art Gallery 2010- “Icons images”- photografy, Gallery “Academy”, NAA, Sofia 2009- 13th International Triennial for Contemporary Textile /curator/ – Lodz, Poland 2008- Biennale International Design, Saint-Etienne, France 2008- Exhibition in City Gallery in Belgrad, Serbia 2008- Exhibition of Textile in Bulgaria, Shipka6 Gallery, Sofia 2008- Exhibition of NAA in Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey- curator 2007- Curator 12th International Biennale of Tapestry –Lodz, Poland 2006- Exhibition of National Academy of Art- Istambul, Turkey 2005- Artis’Art Saloon – Saint Etienne, France 2005- Curator of Bulgarian Project for11th Triennial for Contemporary Art, New Delhi, India 2004- 11th International Lace Biennale, Contemporary Art, Installation /prize/ - Brussels, Belgium 2004- 11th International Triennial for Contemporary Textile’04 – Lodz, Poland 2003- Bulgarian Art Exhibition, Small objects – Kasel, Germany 2002- Bulgarian Contemporary Art Exhibition in “Barry Gallery”, New painting forms- Marimount University, Arlington, Virginia, USA 2002- Contemporary Art Exhibition, Painting and Sculptors – Larysa Center of Arts, Greece 2002- International Exhibition “Small Works in Fiber”, Synthetic Sculptures – originate at Long  House Reserve/LHR/,NY , USA . The Exhibition travels in SOFA, Chicago, USA and MDS/G, Tokyo, Japan 2002- International Fest of Contemporary Art ”Process-Space” Spice objects- Sofia, Bulgaria 2002- Japan and Bulgarian project for two exhibitions of Contemporary Textile Art- Sofia and Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2002- 10th International Lace Biennale, New paintings - Brussels, Belgium 2001- Contemporary Art Exhibition, all medias – Sofia, Bulgaria 2001- 10th International Festival “Process – Space”, Photography -Bulgaria 2001- “Painting” – National Contemporary Art Exhibition – Sofia, Bulgaria 2000- Biennale “ARELIS”, Contemporary Textile Art – Paris, France 2000- Second Festival of Women Creators, Objects – UNESCO Center for Women And Peace in the 30 Balkan countries- Thessalonique, Greece 2000- 5th International Betonac Competition, Contemporary Textiles Forms – Belgium. Exhibition showed in Nederlands Textilemuseum, Tilburg, Nederland 2000- Curator of Poland and Bulgarian Project for Contemporary Textile Art- State Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 2000- “Paper and Color”, paper – Sofia, Bulgaria 1998- Cite International Des Arts, Sculptures and Drawings – Paris, France 1998- Route of textiles, Sculpture and Fiber – UNESCO Center and Foundation LESUR- Paris, France 1998- 8th International Lace Biennale, New surfaces – Brussels,  Belgium 1998- Worlds Women On-Line -International Exhibition, Paintings – Institute of Arts-Arizona, USA 1997- 5th International Textile Competition, Sculptures and Fibers – Kyoto, Japan 1997- Living with Textile, European Textile Networks/ETN/, – Madrid, Spain 1996- 7th International Lace Biennial, Object of Textile – Brussels, Belgium 1996- Contemporary Bulgarian Sculpture, Sculpture from paper- Sofia, Bulgaria 1995- Celebration of 35 Years Textile Art in Bulgaria /prize/ – Sofia, Bulgaria

Solo Exhibitions

2010- “The Different Surface-3”- Gallery “Sredez”. Ministry of Culture, Sofia 2004- “Ideas”, mix media – Gallery “Electra” – Malaga, Spain

2003- “New Forms”, Creighton- Davis Gallery, New painting form -

Washington, USA

2002- “The Different Surface-2”-New Pictures and Objects – Gallery IRIDA-Sofia, Bulgaria 2000- “The Different Surface-1” –New Pictures- State Gallery – Sofia, Bulgaria 1999-  “Tapestries and Sculptors” -  Gallery REGART- Paris, France 1998- “Transparent Sculptors” Installation – Contemporary Art Saloon “Apolonia” Bulgaria 1993- “Textile and Printing” -  Sofia, Bulgaria

Workshops, Symposiums, Lectures and another related professional experience in Bulgaria and abroad

2005- Workshops and lectures in UDA University, Tlaxcala, Mexico 2005- Participates in Workshops “Ceramic” and “Drawing”, New Delhi, India 2004- Slides presentation and lectures of Contemporary Bulgarian Art, University of Koln, German 2004/3-Workshop with Slides presentation and lectures, New techniques of textile art, Bulgarian University, Varna, Bulgaria 2002-  Workshop, International Fest of Contemporary Art ”Process-Space”, Space objects from nylon and synthetic materials- Sofia, Bulgaria 2001-  Lectures and slides presentation, Hertfortshir University, Object of textiles, UK 2000-  Symposiums, Second Festival of Women Creators – UNESCO Center, Thessalonique, Greece 1998-  Artist’s Residence of Cite International des Art, Paris, France 1997-  European Textile Network/ETN/ Conference, Manchester, UK


2004- “Cristal Bobin”  in 11-th Lace International Biennial, Brussels, Belgium 1998-  Competition for Work in Cite International Des Arts - Paris, France 1997-  Nominate of 7th International Lace Biennial- Brussels, Belgium 1995-  Contribution in the Contemporary Bulgarian Textile Arts and Crafts, Exhibition “30 years Textile in Bulgaria” 1994-  Installation “The Cobweb”- Museum of V.D.Maistora, Bulgaria

Museum Collections and Foundation Support

National Gallery for Craft Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria Museum of Denttelle, Brussels, Belgium Museum of Design, Saint-Etienne, France Museum of Textile Art, Sent Truiden, Belgium, Museum of Textile, Kyoto, Japan, Foundation of Cite International des Art, Paris, France, Women Center of Art, Thessalonique, Greece, Contemporary Textile Collection, Triennial of Lodz, Poland Gallery University of Koln, German Private collections: Spain, Italy, Greece, USA, Germany

Periodical and Newspaper articles

Has published materials of art area in many Bulgarian and International issues. Her works published of catalogues at the all exhibitions, where she participates, newspaper, magazines and TV.