International Festival of Glass – Sofia 2010

The “International Glass Festival, Sofia 2010” is the first of its kind cultural initiative, whose goal is to restore a bit forgotten and less popular genre in the plastic art – art glass. Furthermore, the festival’s focus lies on the modern implementation of glass in design, architecture, applied arts and fine arts. The event fully corresponds with the current international practices and trends that consider glass as a material fully feasible in design, architecture, applied arts and fine arts, as an object that deserves to be promoted at important international events.

We strongly wish that the festival in Sofia will enrich people’s view about glass, establish it as a modern material and fill the existing gap in our plastic tradition. The professional and also broad audience will get the opportunity to become familiar with this kind of art in a number of lectures, demonstrations and exhibitions by experiencing both the local and international current trends. We have invited well established artists to take part in the lections and presentations who will contribute to the artistic atmosphere with their know-how about the matter.