Lida Marinkova

Lida Marinkova is a young artist based in London. A celebrated graduate at the Royal College of Art in London
and QEST scholar (Queen Elizabeth Scholarship), she is constantly questioning everyday notions and people’s
awareness of the world around them. By pushing this to the extreme, her work evokes emotions and triggers memory
as well as making interventions with its surrounding.
Heavily inspired by nature, she holds an exceptional desire to create unusual structures, surfaces and forms, a
lot of times resulting in the creation of organic artworks resembling landscapes and microstructures. A material
explorer at heart, Lida is fascinated with the transformation of materials, challenging them in such a way that
they serve a new and imaginative purpose. Working with various materials, she is especially drawn to the beauty
of glass and its incredible unparalleled properties. Constantly pushing the properties of this material, she creates
a new context for glass by injecting the material in new and unusual applications.