Georgi Ruzhev

In my work I am looking for the specific show, influencing all the senses. I present my projects in series of shows above and under the level of the usual; they are only a little element of the entire illusion of the endlessness and the optimism. I am not talking neither do I mean “art”, because the art is only a separate case. Everything is related with the way life is divided in order and chaos as a very important negative –positive polarization/which is identification with/. All that included in the conventional chaos with one and only goal – to destroy the thin levels called “consciousness” and “culture”

My work not only does not approve or disapprove and in the same time it makes you wonder: which is stronger – the microcosmos or the macrocosmos? The other would have been naturalistic way of thinking. In my country I am considered as alternative, though I am ashamed to say alternative to what and to whom.

My work consists of shows, including music, created by me, 3D projections, fake 16 m movies, holograms mega prints and lights. They show alternative environments, sometimes underground and often they use the people, living there.

Born in 1964 in the City of Sofia. Graduates from the National School for Photography in Sofia, Bulgaria. For ten years is employed by a National after that begins to work in the area of reconstructive art.

Since  1992 works consecutively Agency for Photography, with the groups “C ANTIE”, “THE SOP OF THE STRIX BUBO”, SUBSCRIBE”, “OVERMIX”, “ Sofia – Night Club”, “OCTOBERON” with Mr. Emil Kotzhev, and “Dummy Co. group” with  Emil Kotsev, Nicola Donchev, Alexander Sokerov.

2010  HIPnosIs – Video and Audio Installation, Produced for the area of Yerbatan Saranicu only -  Istanbul, Turkey   

2009  „Festival of bad taste ” – Video Performance and music set for the poetry performance group for cultural terrorism „Rambo 13”

2008  Nescafe 9 mood films – director

Europian village – EU tv project, Nova TV, Bulgaria, visual effects, Executive produsser

The Other Bulgaria, Kosovo tour – tv documentary, bTV – director photograpy

2007  Nescafe 4 mood films – director

The Other Bulgaria, Africa tour -  tv documentary, bTV – director photograpy

2006  “inVALID” – tv Project, BTV and TV Europa – visual effects

2005  The Trappers- Shugar Factory, Amstrerdam,

2004  The Trappers – Dummy Co Project – The Horse Hospital Gallery , London 

2002  PORNO, Irvin Welsh – book cover for the BG edition

1999  Space – 7th International Media Art Biennale “The Power of tape” – Poland

1998  TRAINSPOTTING, Irvin Welsh – book cover for the BG edition

1997  “New Radical Practices” – Gallery XXL, Sofia, Bulgaria