Mirena Zlateva

Born 30 November 1973 in Kazanlak.
1992 The school of applied arts „Dechko Uzunov”, department “Industrial design”.
2000 Magister, department “Metal”, National Academy of Art, Sofia.
2008 PhD /Doctor of Arts/, National Academy of Art, Sofia.
Member of FIDEM /Federation International Art Medal/
Member of UBA /The Union of Bulgarian Artists/
Teacher in National School of Applied Arts, department Metal, Sofia.
Guest Lecturer in National Academy of Art, department Metal, Sofia.

Most important award:

1999 The Grand First Prize of student medal project BAMS, London.
2000 IV International Festival Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2005 The Tirth Prize of Coins – Bulgarian National Bank.
2006 Diploma for contribution in development in Bulgarian Culture, by Ministry of Culture.
2012 Competition – Union of Bulgarian Artists, Resident program Schwandorf, Germany.
2013 Competition – Union ofBulgarianArtists, Resident program Cite Des Arts, Paris, Franse.

Works in the Collections:

Simeon II Coburgotsky, dr. Carlos Baptista da Silva /Lisbon/, Madame Hamida Agsus /Algery/, Masaharu Kakitsubo /Tokio/, Machiko /New York/, Eldon Allison FCA /Cambridge/.

The collections in: Romania, Macedonia, France, Italy, Turkey, Germany, UK, USA, Japan, Algerie.

Last participations:

- Joint exhibition with Natasha Ratcliffe, Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia;
-  Joint exhibition Bulgarian medalists, Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia
-  XXXIII International medal exhibition FIDEM, Sofia
-  International Exhibition Medal sculpture, gallery Medialia, New York
-  Lectures to Conference XXXIII FIDEM, Sofia:

1. “Historical Prerequisites for the Development of Medallic Art in Bulgaria”;

2. “Some innovative solutions in the medallic sculpture”;

- National Exhibition Sculpture, Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia
-  XXXIII International Congress FIDEM, Sofia
-  Open studio – medal sculpture, SITE DES ARTS, Paris
-  International resident of SITE DES ARTS, Paris, France
-  Exhibition student project of BAMS, gallery London
-  Students project and Competition of BAMS, London
-  Medal project 2014 by B. Nikolov, National Academy of Art, Sofia;

-  Project “100” join exhibition, gallery Ressonans, Plovdiv, BG
-  Project “Forms from Body”, self project Kunstlerhaus, Schwandorf, Germany
-  IV International symposium “Le Materie” Alger, Algerie
-  III International sculpture symposium “Forma”, Trjavna, BG
-  Join exhibition “The drouing”, Sofia, BG
-  Join exhibition – Competition Cite Des Arts, Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia
-  Join exhibition Jewelry, Uzina Art Gallery, Sofia, BG
-  Medal project 2013 by B. Nikolov, National Academy of Art, Sofia;

-  Project “Sensation for…” joint exhibition, gallery Ressonans, Plovdiv, BG
-  XXXII Art medal world Exhibition, Glasgow, UK
-  Project UNSECURE_SPACE, with Theodor Liho, gallery Arrosita, Sofia
- Project “Gentle Pressure” on Tereza Zikovska, Varna, BG
-  Medal project 2012 by Prof. B. Nikolov, Ntional Academy of Art, Sofia
-  Exhibition ALIANZ Bulgaria, Union of Bulgarian Artist, Sofia
-  THE ELEMENTS join exhibition, project WATER, gallery Rakursy, Sofia
-  XXXII Congress FIDEM, Glasgow, UK
-  International medal symposium Veliko Turnovo, BG
-  “The drawing” joint exhibition, Sofia
-  100th year Pushkin Museum, join exhibition, Moscow, Russia
-   Lection – Conference of National Academy of Art, Sofia;